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Our Projects and goals

 Here our some of our personal goals and projects that we hope to achieve by the end of 2021 with your help

Image by Andy Watkins
Project 1. The illegal burning

Our top goal is definitely to make it illegal to burn, cut or harm in anyway the amazon rainforest. Why some may ask, well already over 20% of the rain forest has already vanished due high demand for more agricultural fields for cattle and  other farm animals. Due to burning, more fossil fuels are being released into the planets atmosphere. All this extra heat causes the planet too warm quickly resulting in changes such as more floods, wildfires, droughts, hurricanes, tornados and species are going extinct. Wildlife is decreasing faster than we can imagine due to loss of habitat, lack of food and hunting to almost extinction !

School Kids
Project 2. educating the people

One of the most important steps to tackling the issue of climate change is education. Sound strange? I mean we either already left school or are still at school and if you left school then your days of sitting in hot stuffy classrooms while the teacher gives a long lecture are far behind us and if we're still in school then those lectures have taught us enough surely haven't they? Well Greta Thunberg went on strike spending time away from school so we must be wrong. Well, no the key to solving the crisis is to understand it first and not in the way that schools or colleges teach it, we need to understand it in a way that teaches us not only the facts but shows us too. Think of us as people who are blind folded we are told what we are doing yet we carry on due to the fact that it could be a lie but maybe it's not? Then our blindfolds are removed and we stop due to the fact that now we can see the full impact of our choices.

Contract Signature
Project 3. Bolsonaros petition

Recently we found out the extent of what president Bolsonaro would do to stay in power when he rejected the proposal of people buying parts of the Amazon rainforest to save it from being destroyed. The rejection was a real blow for us and those who proposed it as it could have saved a large chunk of the Amazon from fatality. Supermarkets in the uk since have stopped selling products from Brazil which gave us an idea. Why not make a petition to make it illegal to cut down or harm the Amazon and its inhabitants in anyway. At the end of 2021 we will send our petition to Bolsonaro himself and we need help please sign our petition.

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