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                why we did it?

Here is a little back story that we have made for you, it really inspired us to start making changes in our everyday life, just little                                                         changes until we created this we hope our story inspires you.

Image by Taylor

"My inspiration was telling my self that it was all up to me. That really made me push myself to try and make a difference. you should try your best to help too"

Elephant in Wild

"I think that I only really understood the situation with the planet when I saw the statistics on a map, then I realised that what I was doing was important. I had to something I mean could you sit back comfortably and forget after you had seen that?"


One day two girls Louisa and Emily were talking about their weekends when their teacher told them about Bolsonaro and how he rejected the proposal of people buying parts of the Amazon rainforest to save it from being destroyed. They then researched and the more they did the worse it became how was this allowed? They then found out that every minute 150 acres of the rainforest disappear, while they were at school alone 78 and a half thousand acres are destroyed! Which made them angry and passionate to make change then they had an idea. Why not make a petition to make it illegal to cut down or harm the Amazon and its inhabitants in anyway. The idea started out as just a little joke at first not something that well they would really ever do but then they thought well what if they really did do it they planned for a few days and came up with a few ideas of how they could get more signatures before they then started to create this, a webpage to educate people and help protect the planet. Then they thought why not make it bigger why not make it better why not make kids for climate.

"Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries." Jimmy carter

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